Space Problem

When 27 year-old Jonathan was brutally stabbed and rushed to the Charles Selby Memorial Hospital in Aparri, Luzon, Philippines – both his life and his soul were saved! People like you make it possible through FAME!

Jonathan says, “Because of the employees sharing God’s word, it made me believe and accept Jesus to become a Christian like them.”

Catherine, at 20 years of age, was homeless, depressed, and very much pregnant. When complications of delivery occurred at the Provincial Hospital, they immediately rushed her to Selby Memorial because it is equipped to deliver by caesarian section.

In her words, Catherine proclaimed, “Lord change me. I experienced a life-changing atmosphere at this hospital…”

Two emergencies – three lives saved – two new believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ofelia, the Selby Memorial Administrator said, “Once again the ministry of the hospital has proven that it is not only established to ‘save life,’ but also to ‘change life’ through God’s Word!”

Through partners like you, FAME was part of the launch of this important medical center in 1998. In the nearly 20 years of operation (pun intended), it has become 80% self-supporting and 100% Filipino-led. It’s a great success story as Jonathan and Catherine will attest.

Selby Memorial has a BIG problem – the 50 bed facility isn’t able to keep up with the medical demands of the growing area. Fortunately, when it was built an unfinished third floor was in the design – and it stands ready to be outfitted for service now!

With your help, I believe FAME can once again bring a vital infusion of capital to complete the entire third floor – and extend the life-saving, soul-saving ministry to thousands more patients in the Aparri area.

Can you make a gift this month so we can send the funds to complete the space that is ready and waiting to be deployed?

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